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Become a Consignment Partner

CTS Industrial Supply

Are you a  manufacturer, end user, or distributor in the industrial sector? Chances are you have deadstock, obsolete or surplus tooling taking up storage and offering little or no value. As a solution to this problem, CTS created the vendor consignment program with 3 main benefits in mind: 

  1. Solve the issue of dead stock in your facility; 
  2. Turn unused tools into a revenue source for you (the consignor) while expanding our inventory,
  3. Offer tools at below-market price to our customers.  

How it Works:

CTS will conduct an audit of your unused items, transport them to our facility, upload them to our website, and market and promote these items alongside our own inventory across all of our sales channels. All consignment products are listed at reduced prices, agreed to between CTS and the consignor. This provides our customers with the best possible value, & ensures that your items sell fast.  

When your items begin to sell, the revenue is shared between CTS & the consignor at an agreed upon split. Our system is designed for 100% transparency between us & our consignment partners - as you’ll read below, our sales reporting system is fully-automated and updates in real-time, so you always know exactly what has sold!  

What's In It For You? 

  • Free up shelving. We warehouse consignment items at our facility so items can be shipped to our customers as soon as possible. This moves deadstock off your shelves.   

  • Generating revenue. After auditing your items, we will work out an approximate value. We accept all unused items - even if they are discontinued or older versions. We do the heavy lifting: pricing, photographing, uploading and promoting your products on multiple sales channels. When your items sell, your vendor account will be credited with the agreed profit split. 

  • See what has sold. Once your items are uploaded to our website, you will be able to access the password protected vendor dashboard. You can find all your consignment information - current sales, account balances, previous payments, and listed inventory - all in one place. The information on your vendor profile is real-time. Anytime a sale is made, your report will be updated automatically! 


    Become a Partner

    To date, we have more than 15 consignment partners with inventory listed on our website. Our program is a mutually beneficial way to generate additional revenue for your business. If you have unused tools, there's no reason to continue to let them collect dust. Give us a call today, and let’s get started.