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Sell Your Overstock Cutting Tools

Become a Consignment Partner and turn your unused cutting tool inventory into cash.

Most industrial shops have cutting tools lying around they have never used. Before they become worthless, we can sell them for you.

We will audit your unused items and get them sold through our online store. Fill out the form below and one of our staff will assess their value and answer your questions.

Whether you have 1 item or 1000 items we can help you sell your 'dead' overstock.



We already have more than 15 Consignment Partners using our website to sell their unused cutting tools. To protect your privacy, Vendor Codes instead of company names ensure anonymity. We made it safe, easy, and convenient for our partners to turn their unused cutting tools into cash. We can do the same for you.


Free Up Shelving

Free up storage space by becoming a partner. We warehouse everything you give us on consignment so we can ship them to our online customers as quickly as possible. It's a win for our partners needing space and our customers needing quick shipments.


Splitting The Sale

After auditing your overstock items, we will let you know the approximate value. Even if some items appear too old or out-of-date, someone in the world may be looking for them. Once everything is inventoried and uploaded to our website, you can view them in our ShopCart using a unique Vendor code we supply you. The sale of each item is recorded along with the split percentage we agreed upon that will be paid back to you.


See What Has Sold

A running tally of sold items is on a secure webpage for your eyes only. View the running totals and download a PDF or CSV file which can be opened by any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.


Control Your Payments

We provide you with the above reports to make it easier for you to invoice us from your end. Once your invoice is received, payment is sent.


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