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3.60mm Coolant Thru Carbide Drill Coated - OSG 8630360 (22mm LOC. 74mm O/L)

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3.6mm Coolant Thru Carbide Drill
  • WD1 Coated
  • 22mm LOC
  • 74mm O/L
  • 4mm Shank
OSG Pt# 8630360

The EXOPRO Mega Muscle drill is the world's first 3-flute drill for steels. Patented geometry permits stable chip ejection even with less chip pocket space inherent in 3-flute drills. The result is up to 3X faster than 2-flute drills and up to 3X longer life.

  • OSG's WD1 Nano Coating Technology - Higher coating oxidation temp & hardness dramatically improve wear resistance.
  • Patented Flute Geometry - Breaks steel chips into small manageable pieces for easy ejection.
  • Triple coolant ports - Optimum coolant delivered to cutting edges for longer life and smooth chip evacuation.

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