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6" Super-Lock Precision CNC Machine Vise - Accusize FA23-5206

SKU 1000-Shelf-C-APV
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6'' Super-Lock Precision C.N.C Machine Vise
Jaw Width: 5.90''(150 mm)
Jaw Opening: 6.29''(160 mm)
Jaw Depth: 1.77''(45 mm)
Length of Vise: 15.15''(385 mm)
Overall Length: 17.12''(435 mm)
Bed Height: 2.95''(75 mm)
Overall Height: 4.72''(120 mm)
Flatness: 0.001''(0.03/100 mm)
Accuracy: both sides square to bottom: 0.0004''(+/-:0.01 mm)
Parallel to each other: 0.0008''(0.02/100 mm)
Accusize #FA23-5206