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As you are all aware, the recent COVID-19 pandemic is affecting businesses at all levels. As a business that operates locally as well as internationally, we understand that it is imperative we take precaution to protect our employees & customers. As such, CTS will be engaging in the following practices in order to mitigate employee risk & ensure that our customers receive safe, responsible, reliable service:

  • All incoming & outgoing shipments will be sanitized, 
  • Employees responsible for handling outgoing shipments will sanitize prior to handling any goods,
  • Visitors to CTS facilities will be required to follow stringent infection-prevention measures. 

Our top priority is protection of our people and ensuring continuity of service. We do not anticipate supply-chain issues at this time. CTS will continue to operate at our usual capacity.

For our customers, we want to ensure that you have access to what you need in a business climate of pressure and uncertainty. To that end, we are offering a $25 voucher for our website with no order minimum. Use code " CV25 " and receive a $25.00 discount for any items your business needs. 

We hoping for the upmost safety and health to all of our customers, suppliers, and fellow businesses. Our thoughts are with those who are struggling with the impacts of COVID19, and the ripple it has sent through many aspects of Canadian life. 

Thank you,

Mark MacDougall 
President, CTS Industrial Supply Ltd.